When it comes to your needs as a high-net-worth individual, or professional who is trading crypto currencies for your company or institution, our VIP Service comes with privileges we are sure you will appreciate.

You need fast, efficient, best price execution Over-The-Counter (OTC) service. We know that. So that’s exactly where your privileges begin here at HubKoin. There is no waiting, no wondering, no worrying about prices or execution.

We have you coveredwith the kind of extra liquidity and customized service you want when you need to fill large orders.

We know how long-lasting partnerships are made, and what it takes to gain each other’s trust in business. That’s why we continue to build and improve our VIP Services Department. We know you need and deserve discreet, secure, and ultra-competitive execution and settlement services.

So let’s get started by helping us to learn what your exact, specific needs are and how we can best serve those needs.


As “privileges” go, here is one we want you

 to take full advantage of: 


It’s our VIP Market Insight feature and we believe you will find it more than interesting. You just might find it very PROFITABLE.  

Our team of experts are always up for sharing their market insights with you as one of our VIP, OTC customers. Just say the word and you can qualify to receive daily trade and market recaps, as well as expert desk opinions on the current crypto market.

In other words, our team of experienced investors becomes YOUR TEAM, sharing their insights and research with you on a routine basis. So yes, membership DOES HAVE ITS PRIVILEGES indeed.