HubKoin Wins CBRB Award 2022


HubKoin Receives the Canada Business Review Board Award for 2022

The Canada Business Review Board had to  make it’s choice and this year that choice was HubKoin.  To many observers this years choice was rather obvious.

HubKoin is a community of Like-Minded people who have a interest in Crypto Investing and Blockchain.  This is certainly one of the most exciting and progressive industries on the planet today.

Why HubKoin?

The Company stands out because it is designed to encompass from trading to education and more.

The Company also strives to provide the maximum service and the lowest cost possible.

As a Canadian platform, they are registered with Fintrac (Canada’s defense organization against financial fraud) for their client’s protection.  In other words, HubKoin is dedicated to fair and transparent business practices.”

What makes HubKoin a clear winner?

The Company is a legally established financial institution with a bright future on the international stage of Crypto trading.

Their directors and staff members are honest people who enjoy being of service to others in the real world and that is what makes a winning Company.

Hubkoin is best described in the words of its Founder, Robert Watterson, “We see the Crypto world as a place to have fun and help the average person earn in ways that, in the past, have only been available to the ultra wealthy.”