Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency can be views in several ways, as money,  shares, tools, investments to name a few.

A Cryptocurrency represents the value of the organization behind the coin.  The value is set by the community, bought and sold by the community based on that valuation.

There are several types of coins, some that offer a service or utility and some that offer entertainment value or intellectual property use value.

Investing or trading Bitcoin only requires an account at a service or an exchange such as HubKoin.  Further storage practices are suggested.

At creation Bitcoin was set at 21 million Bitcoins.  As of December 2021, approximately 18.77 million Bitcoins are in circulation.  This means that there are only 2.13 million Bitcoins left for mining.

As of 2021, Bitcoin is legal in Canada, U.S.A., Japan, the U.K, and most other developed countries, but it is heavily restricted in China.  Even where it is legal, it is suggested that anyone looking to trade or own it should look up their countries specific laws to make sure it is traded legally.

All Bitcoin transactions are public, traceable and permanently stored in the Bitcoin network.

These two currencies are aimed at different markets.  Ripple is a currency made for banking with banks, a much larger market. 

Ripple has a much larger organization behind it.  It is sometimes considered a “not-for-profit” and this is due to their market being aimed at individuals, particularity from smaller countries.  It is considered that it provides people with access to the global market and who might not otherwise have this access.

Both of these currencies rely on digital ledgers for trading and neither can be mined.  Their source is a private node.  Trading both is virtually free and rapid, making them ideal for international traders.

Ledger wallets are hardware.  Cryptocurrency wallets made by Ledger.  The Company is headquartered in Paris, France.  Ledger was launched in 2014 with the objective of a secure solution for blockchain.

SpaceX to launch satellite missions funded entirely by Dogecoin.

The blockchain fee is a transaction fee to cryptocurrency that is charged when performing transactions.  The fee is used to process and maintain transactions on a blockchain network.

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