Mr. Goxx, the cryptocurrency-trading hamster, dies

goxx cryptocurrency hamster dies

The wheel is no longer turning for Mr. Goxx, the famous cryptocurrency-trading hamster who at one point was even outperforming investor Warren Buffet.

The crypto world is mourning the loss of the beloved hamster. Born as a lighthearted side project during the pandemic, Mr. Goxx, whose real name was Max, had a fully equipped office which adjoined his regular cage, from which he ran his trading firm, Goxx Capital.

When Mr. Goxx entered his office, a live stream on Twitch and his Twitter account would start and his followers would be notified. He would select a digital asset to trade by running in his “intention wheel” and then by running through a buy or sell tunnel on his “office floor”. During the course of his career his portfolio rose 20 percent.

Mr. Goxx’s owner, a lecturer in Germany who prefers to remain anonymous, likes to spark people’s interest in new technologies, sometimes by using humour.
His best friend from university was also involved in running the Goxx empire. The two were “kind of reunited” by working remotely on Goxx Capital together.

“Before his death, Mr. Goxx had shown no signs of serious illness apart from some kidney issues in his early days,” the twitter feed dedicated to the hamsters’ trades reported. “After eating normal amounts of food Sunday, he suddenly refused to eat and died in his sleep on Monday.”

Mr. Goxx was well loved by his 18,000 Twitter followers and while his trading advice was broadcast with a disclaimer that it was just for entertainment purposes and not to be taken as actual investment advice, he still garnered attention from some of crypto’s most notable names, particularly Elon Musk, CEO and Chief Engineer at SpaceX and CEO of Tesla. On Twitter, Musk once said, “Hamster has mad skillz.”

While the owners of Mr. Goxx grieve the loss of their beloved and madly skilled pet, they have not decided whether they will get a new hamster.

There is one thing they do know for certain, “Mr. Goxx brought joy to people all across the globe and reminded us not to take life too seriously. He shed light into dark moments of pandemic, inflation and many kinds of trouble.”

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