Another Solo Miner Wins ‘Life-Changing’ Sum, Rakes In USD 536K in Ethereum Block Reward

Another Solo Miner Wins Life Changing Sum Rakes In USD 536K in Ethereum Block Reward

Source: AdobeStock / Victority

Solo miners are off to a strong start this year. On Monday, a solo Ethereum (ETH) miner with an average hashrate capacity of 2.19 Giga hashes per second (GH/s) won a block race on the Ethereum blockchain and raked in a reward of ETH 168, currently worth just below USD 536,000. 

The lucky miner, who apparently started solo mining on December 23, is part of the cryptocurrency mining pool 2miners. The pool allows users to choose from more than a dozen altcoins and mine either solo or by joining a pool for graphics processing unit (GPU) and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining rigs. 

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